Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Introduction to Skincare Know How

First of all, before you rush out to buy the latest miracle jar of cream or serum that promises fantastic result, have you ever wonder if your skin needs it.
Take a few seconds to reflect back to all the skincare items that you have purchased in the past. Have they ever delivered the results you wanted or was it more a disappointment? If disappointment was the case, have you ever wondered why?
Most people would blame it on the products or the Beauty Advisors who sold you that so-called miracle cream. However, there are numerous reasons why disappointment occurs:
1.       It was not meant for your skintype
2.       You don’t have the skin concern that the product targets
3.       What is good for your friend doesn’t mean it is good for you
4.       The result the product offers was not what you wanted
5.       Your skin is already at its optimum stage
All cosmetic brands have wonderful skincare products and most skincare products promises results if uses correctly. But, when you don’t know your skin well enough, you will soon be frustrated spending $$$ on ‘no results’ products. 
There are also numerous questions about why their current skincare don't work for them anymore.

I've been using this product for many years and I don't see results anymore. Is the product not efficient for me anymore or my skin is immune to it?
So, the most important know-how here is only these simple three:
1.       Know your skintype and why your skintype changes
2.       Know your skin trouble and why sometimes it gets worst or stay the same
3.       Know how your skin function; at least the basic ones

Once you master these three knowledge, buying the right skincare will not be a frustrating activity anymore. In this website, I will share with you my 10 years of expertise on skin analysis and help you to understand your skin better than anyone else. Also with all the years with numerous well-established cosmetic brands, I will share products information and comparison in my website. You may also drop me messages if you have any questions or suggestions.

With all these guidelines and information, I am sure you will be able to choose the right skincare for yourself and see amazing results!

Look out for these coming post:
Basic Skin Knowledge
Why we age and how to age gracefully
Comparing skincare products

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